Referee Rosters

Over the break the Association has decided to address a few issues by amending our Bylaws to include harsher penalties for player, coach and spectator behaviour, and enforcing our current Bylaws that refer to playing under incorrect names, uniforms and late starts. These will come into effect IMMEDIATELY. Everyone must enforce these Bylaws in every competition to uphold the Association's standards. A lot of them used to be for seniors competitions only, but are now going to be applicable to ALL competitions, so please familiarise yourself with the changes. 

A memo has gone out to all team contacts with regards to the changes and reinforcements, and can be found HERE. Copies will be made available at all games for the first few weeks. 

Please read THIS DOCUMENT with regards to how we are dealing with communication with player, coaches and spectators.


Thank you everyone for your continued hard work and support. 


Monday Local Comp - Juniors and Seniors

23/9/19 - Ref Roster - as at 2pm Monday 23/9


Tuesday Local Comp - Mini Ball and Potter League

ONE ref short for 3 mini ball games at NBISC is anyone's free to pick them up.

24/9/19 - Ref Roster


Wednesday Local Comp - Juniors and Seniors

Still a couple short here and there if anyone can help

25/9/19 - Ref Roster


Thursday Local Comp - Juniors

26/9/19 - Ref Roster (currently being drafted)


Friday Local Comp - Open Junior

27/9/19 - Ref Roster (currently being drafted)


Saturday Local Comp - Potter League and Mini Ball

28/9/19 - Ref Roster (currently being drafted)



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