Referee Rosters

In the headings below you will find the links to the current referee rosters. Appointments are made based on the availability form that each referee has submitted online.

These rosters are completed a few days in advance so that changes can be made if need be. Please check back here regularly to confirm when you have been appointed.

Please treat your refereeing commitments as you would any other paid job. If you have made a commitment to be available at a particular day and time, please do so. Non attendance means that you are placing unnecessary pressure on other officials as they will have to referee games by themselves.

If for some reason you are not available to fulfill your commitment in a particular week, please allow plenty of notice so that a suitable replacement can be found. Please note: once the roster is posted online, you may be asked to find your own replacement.



Monday Roster

Local Comp Juniors & Seniors


Tuesday Roster

Potter League & Mini Ball


Wednesday Roster

Local Comp Juniors & Seniors 


Thursday Roster

Local Comp Juniors 


Friday Roster

Local Comp Juniors (Open) 


Saturday Roster

Potter League & Mini Ball -

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