Referee Rosters

Welcome back to 2020.

Please fill out your reffing availability online HERE.


Games commence back as follows:

  • Wednesday 5th February – Seniors (and then the following Monday 10th)
  • Monday 17th February – Juniors and Mini Ball (including Tuesday and Saturday)
  • Tuesday 3rd March – Potter League (and then on Saturday 7th)

More information with regards to venues, and what age groups are playing where is in the form.

As always, I am happy to be as flexible as possible to work around your school, representative duties, and playing and coaching duties as much as possible. Even though you may not have all the information for your school requirements yet, just fill in as much information as you can and we’ll adjust as necessary.

All information provided is completely private and will not be shared with anyone outside of Association Administrative staff if necessary to do so.



It has been made aware to me that I have accidentally made some errors in the form, and not allowed for multiple answers to be selected at the multiple choice questions (ie. to put in your availability to ref on a night, and indicate that you are playing that night too). All because I didn't tick one box!!

If I make that change now, I am going to lose ALL responses already gathered, so I am going to leave it as is. But if you are able to do more than thing on a night, or if you are available to ref and you’re playing on the same night, select your reffing availability and then detail your playing information later. There’s space at the end to do so. 

In the question about score table and stats and stuff, just pick the one you want to the most and detail anything else later. 

I'm so sorry for the mess up. 



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