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-- July 2019 --


Semester 1 Wrap up

Thank you to everyone for their efforts through Semester 1 this year. I am grateful to you all as I find my way to develop a pathway for the referees, ensuring that the games are appropriately serviced, our newer referees learn at an appropriate level, and our experienced referees are challenged. I will continue to work hard to ensure that I am meeting everyone’s individual needs, as well as meeting the needs of the Association.

The Association is also continuing to work hard to ensure that all teams are graded correctly, players are appropriately registered and that poor behaviour is dealt with, as they understand that the strength of the competition and the development of our players and officials depends on it.

Competitions return for Semester 2 as follows:

  • Senior games return on Monday 22nd July.
  • Junior Games return on Monday 29th July.
  • Saturday juniors return on Saturday 10th August.



In the coming months we will see some changes to our competition formats, by-laws and structures as we move forward to make some changes for 2020. As an Association we are growing, and we need to change with the times.

More details will be sent out closer to the beginning of the Semester 2 competition, but a couple of things need to be addressed now – changes to our satellite venues and your availability.


Competition Satellite Venues

As of Semester 2 2019 we no longer have access to Beacon Hill for mini ball. This together with the largest number of team registrations ever has put a bit of a strain on court usage. As such, the Association has acquired the use of Pittwater House (South Creek Rd, Collaroy) and Galstaun College (Chiltern Rd, Ingleside) courts as well as our usual PCYC Dee Why bookings, and shuffled mini ball competitions so that we can fit everyone in.

With these changes we will need referees and venue supervisors at each venue as follows:

Monday:             Galstaun                4:30/5:20/6:10                 Yr7 Div 3

                            PCYC                    4:30/5:20/6:10                 Yr7 Div 1

Tuesday:            Galstaun                4:20/5:10/6:00                 Yr5 Div 1 & Yr5 Div 2

                            TPHS                    4:20/5:10/6:00                 Yr5 Div 2

Wednesday:       Galstaun               4:45/5:30/6:15                 Yr9/10 Div 4

Thursday:           Galstaun               4:20/5:10/6:00/6:50         Yr9 Div 3

                             PCYC                   4:20/5:10/6:00                 Yr10 Div 1

Friday:                Galstaun                5:00/5:50/6:40                 Yr6 Div 2


If you are available to referee or supervise at any of these venues, please indicate so in an online availability form.


Semester 2 Availability & contact details

As far as availability for Semester 2 is concerned, I am assuming that everyone is available for the same nights, and is playing on the same team - unless you tell me otherwise. To update your availability, contact details or any other information, please fill in the online CONTACT & AVAILAILITY FORM with any changes.

The new form reflects the need for referees and supervisors at the new satellite venues.

If you are no longer available at all, please indicate so on the Availability Form and I’ll remove you from all rosters until you tell me otherwise.



99% of my communication to you all is through WhatsApp. If you are not using WhatsApp, you are not receiving all of the information that I am sending out.

At the moment I have about half a dozen people who I know are definitely not using it, and I am messaging separately through different means. I will not be doing this anymore, as I lose track of what I have sent to whom.

Please download the app and install it on your phone, and I will add you to the group/s that you need to be added to. Alternatively, sign up for an account and check it through a desktop site if you don’t want it on your phone.

I know that a few refs like to chat every now and again, and a couple of you have deleted the app or left the group because of it. If you don’t want your phone dinging all the time, just turn off the notifications, but if you remove it all together you may be missing important information.

If there’s something long or REALLY important, I will email as well, so please make sure that your email address is up to date.

You can access all available downloads HERE and pick the one that suits you – whether you want to access it through your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.


HSC Students

For the dozen or so of you currently in Year 12, I wish you the best of luck with your HSC. If you would like some time off, please let me know ASAP. Please do not assume that I know your personal requirements. I will not accept referees pulling out on a week’s notice when you already have your exam schedules - please give me time to find replacements for you. I will need exact dates and requirements of when you will and will not be available.

If your email is currently your school one, please update your details for me on the current availability form.


Technical Officials Education

As an Association the MWBA is making a commitment to educate and upskill all of our Technical Officials (Referees, Score Table and Statisticians), and as such there will be more beginner referee schools and green shirt referees coming through, more education for our current officials, and lots of beginner and continuing score table education.

There will be opportunities for everyone to upskill, regrade and learn a new skill.

Some of these courses will be open to all, some will be by invitation. Please keep an eye on the website or your email for any further information, and please let me know if there is anything that you are specifically interested in.


Regrading and Pay rates

In line with the abovementioned Education, there will be some regrading and changes to pay rates. If this affects you, I will be in touch.


Afternoon Tea

Thank you to everyone who completed the one-question survey with regards to the Association supplying afternoon tea. The majority of respondents stated that they are happy to contribute to an afternoon tea fund, but that left me with a dilemma as to how to treat the respondents to didn’t wish to contribute.

I am happy to say that the MWBA has agreed to fund a small amount towards afternoon tea, so it will continue to be supplied. I will have to manage this smaller budget accordingly and image there will not be as much, so I am going to encourage you all to try and bring your own afternoon tea as much as possible.


And that’s it for now. I’ll send another message towards the end of the holidays with follow ups for availability, competition changes and some other stuff. But or now, please relax and enjoy the break.

See you in a couple of weeks.





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